We are a family-owned, boutique business with a unique approach to developing and producing natural organic cosmetics at the highest standards of USDA organic control (Organic certified).

We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand, Nature is flowing with plenty of pure and truly divine nourishment.  When our bodies are nurtured and nourished with organic care, when our skin receives the purest treatment, we thrive.  Our body is vibrant and our skin glows.

Our company came to be out of a personal quest for a healthy, pure and vibrant lifestyle. We started crafting products from the purest and healthiest ingredients.  We delighted in the exploration and mystery of herbs and their incredible qualities for health and beauty.  As we studied and explored the unique abundant nature in our area, and as our experience in the use of essential oils, herbs and aromatherapy extracts grew over time, we started crafting organic and natural products for ourselves.  These were chemical-free and toxin-free products. The products we crafted were so healing and soothing, we were amazed.

We kept experimenting and developing formulas and by the time we felt that we’ve reached a level of quality and expertise that we were confident with, we decided to share our products with the world.

We reached out to the highest quality certifiers locally and abroad- in the US and in Europe.  We comply with the strict organic standards of COSMOS – the European organic regulatory organization certified by AGRIOR – the lead certification organization in Israel.

All of our products are meticulously handmade with pure aromatherapy extracts, organic cold-pressed oils, organic extracts from wild plants, and medicinal plants.

We produce private labels.  Please visit our site and contact us!

Esther Lachman, our founder, studied with top teachers in the US and in England.  She specialized in herbalism and natural herbal cosmetics.  She now lectures and teaches natural herbal cosmetics in Israel and abroad.

  • A graduate of Reidman College for Alternative Therapies. (HHP)
  • She specialized in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, naturopathy and natural health, natural herbal cosmetics, and herbalism.
  • Director of the School of Natural Herbal Cosmetics – Arugot – which has been teaching students over the past eight years in the fields of natural herbal cosmetics.
  • Author of the best-selling book “Natural Cosmetics – Useful Everyday Recipes”, published by Focus Publishing.  Writes for various local online and print magazines.
  • She lectures all over the country

Itay and Esther Lachman


Anti-Aging Wild Rose Facial Wash
Lavender Rose Deodorant for Sensitive Skin
Calendula Organic Baby Cream
Calendula-Chamomile Baby Wash
Organic Body Butter - Wild Rose
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