A revolution in the makeup world!

Here it comes – natural, organic, breathable makeup that lasts a whole day without sealing the skin.

Arugot Organic Care is excited to share with you the beauty revolution in Israel!! We have created an amazing makeup series for you, unique formulas that emphasize your natural beauty while nourishing and caring for your skin on a daily basis.

We are excited to reveal to you the….

Vineyards – breathable organic makeup, pure mineral makeup that nourishes, nurtures and adds beauty

Without blocking the skin’s pores and without leaving toxins in your body.

Based on organic and natural ingredients only!

Rich natural pigments and natural shades that compliment and emphasize your natural beauty,

which protect your face’s skin, nourish and nurture it, and guarantee you a natural and radiant appearance.

The breathable organic makeup cream series contains:

All our raw materials come from the natural world and constitute a substitute for common and harmful chemical makeup.

Vineyards – A series that accentuates femininity, nature and style.

Because what’s more fun than meeting friends with good wine brewed from the fruits of the earth that nature has given us?

So… you are invited to be a part of the beauty revolution, to share friendships and to enjoy natural makeup that breathes perfectly for every day.

100% pure beauty, vegan makeup, no toxins, no parabens and other harmful synthetic ingredients.

It’s natural for you to love…

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